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About the company

Mining OÜ was founded in 2003, in order to offer its experience and knowledge in the field of processing and purposeful use of mineral resources. We offer the above in the form of the operator service and other separate services, which are essential for land owners who plan to carry out open-cast development, process mineral resources, perform blasting operations, carry out repair works, purchase the required equipment and manage mining operations (Annex 1. Operator Service Contract).

Mining OÜ has over 10-years of experience in the field of processing mineral resources and managing quarries, in addition to the knowledge acquired in this field during the period 1982-1991.

Mining OÜ assists its current and future cooperation partners with its knowledge in the field of quarry management and the processing of mineral deposits. We offer the service of managing quarries and mineral deposits together with a skilled labour force or, whenever needed, we obtain the mining equipment required for the production process through our cooperation partners and we assume responsibility for managing the entire logistics process.

The mission of Mining OÜ is the purposeful use of mineral deposits, the development of a safe working environment, and ultimately the care and protection of the natural environment.

The vision of Mining OÜ is to find valuable cooperation partners for those who wish to obtain a perfect logistical service connected with the processing of mineral deposits.

Annex 1.

What is the Operator Contract
An Operator Contract is a contract that is entered into between Mining OÜ and its cooperation partner in order to achieve the best results in the field of the processing of mineral deposits, both in terms of price and quality.

What is included in the Operator Contract

  1. The offering of the operator service in full, according to the plan for the mining works.
  2. On the basis of the existing mining field plan and EE passport – planning, peeling, and storing the soil, in accordance with the Mining Act (RT I, 28.02.2003 20,118).
  3. Drilling and blasting operations, in accordance with the mining operations passport, which complies with the annual production volume permitted for the quarry.
  4. Processing, crushing, and sieving into fractions of the blasted or excavated mined rock.
  5. Storing fractioned crushed stone and siftings in the stacks of finished goods.
  6. The performance of mining operations in accordance with the project.
  7. Managing the operations on specific worksites (sections), instructing the employees and providing safety in the quarry.
  8. Whenever required, the sale of processed and fractioned crushed stone.


What can entry into an Operator Contract give your company?

  1. All mining operations are carried out in accordance with the requirements valid in the Republic of Estonia, EU standards and pursuant to the Mining Act.
  2. The transfer of responsibility for the performance of works, the compliance with safety rules, the management of the operations and the employees, from the owners to us/our partners.
  3. According to the orders, the operator provides insurance for the quality of the crushed stone and the volume of the orders, which provides the owners with a sense of security and stable income.
  4. Land plots, on which mining operations have been carried out, remain in the ownership of the owners, which rules out their imprudent use in the future and provides the owners with the possibility of earning extra income in the future through the further use of the land (for example, the construction of vacation or entertainment facilities near the artificial lakes that were formed as a result of the mining works).
  5. The owners do not have to incur any expenses related to the management of sales operations, the performance of sales, and the timely payment of issued invoices.
  6. The owners will receive extra income, because the provider of the operator service, owing to modern technologies, equipment, and methods of work, will be able to guarantee the intended used of mineral deposits and reduce the amount of siftings with the size of the fraction of 0-4 mm down to 20% of the entire volume of processed crushed stone. When the older type crushing and sieving equipment was used, the amount of fractions with the size of 0–4 mm accounted for approx. 30 – 35% of the total amount of crushed stone. Today, it possible to earn extra net income in the amount of approx. 10-15%.
  7. The owners do not have to incur additional expenses for the repairs of the available equipment, its maintenance etc. This is done by the operator, who is also capable of finding additional equipment, etc., in the event of extra works or an increase in the amount of works ordered by customers.


The most large-scale completed works with a yearly output of over 400,000 tonnes

  • 1989 – 1991    Rakke Lubjatehas AS, Karinu limestone quarry
    The production of raw material required for the extraction of limestone from the rock formation with the aid of crushing and sieving equipment. Crushed stone production.
  • 2006 – 2008    Harku Karjäär AS, Harku flagstone quarry
    Production of crushed stone from flagstone, 4 fractions, according to the Operator Contract: 0-4 mm, 4-16 mm, 16-32 mm and 32-64 mm. Ordering blasting operations. Production of granite crushed stone from fieldstones, 4 fractions. Managing the mining works in the quarry, the yearly output is approx. 1.2 million of tonnes of crushed stone.
  • 2008 – 2009    Pihuvere Kruus OÜ, Pihuvere gravel quarry
    Open-cast development of Pihuvere gravel quarry, ordered by MV Kruusad OÜ, in accordance with the plan for mining works, applying for the compliance certificate, applying for the certificate of competency, production of gravel crushed stone, managing mining works.
  • 2010 – 2013    Nordkalk AS, Vasalemma quarry
    Production of technical limestone and flagstone, according to the order, quality control according to the compliance certificate, etc. Managing mining works.